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Yoyoyo r team, whatsapp guys?! Gimana kabarnya?! anda membutuhkan cerpen buat PR, cari motivasi, atau apapun itu anda berada di website yang tepat. Bersama admin akan membagikan kumpulan cerpen bahasa Inggris.

Sekalian belajar bahasa Inggris, kenapa?! Soalnya soal ulangan, UN SD, SMP, SMA mesti ada cerpennya walaupun jawabannya cukup sederhana dengan abcd.

Lumayan untuk menambah kosa kata, grammar, dan ilmu. Admin ga cuma membagikan artikel bahasa Inggris tentang cerpen saja, namun ada juga kata-kata romantis, motivasi, mutiara sahabat, bijak, dan contoh surat menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Gokil ga tuh?

Berikut kumpulan cerpen bahasa Inggris. Selamat membaca! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyy!

Cerpen Sahabat


Good Inside Out

On a sunny afternoon, two girls named Rara and Tina were working on school work at Rara’s house. They work seriously and the atmosphere seems quiet.

Then, a woman who was none other than their friend was named Sinta. However, Rara seemed to ignore the presence of Sinta.

“Ra, in front there is Sinta looking for you. Hurry up, you meet him. He has been waiting for us there since. “Said Tina who was working on the assignment at Rara’s house.

“Bi, just say to Sinta who is in front of the house if I’m going where or not, huh?” Asked Rara to Bibi who worked as a maid at her house.

“Yes, Non. Auntie said. “

“Ra, why are you like that with Sinta. He must have come all the way. Why are you chasing away Not good right. Poor her. He is also Ra’s good son. “Tina said advising Rara.

“From the outside he is indeed a kind, friendly and sweet person. But the time you measure someone’s nature is just that. He is sweet on the outside but inside it is bitter tofu. “Rara answered half-cynically.

“How bitter is Ra?” Said Tina again asking.

“He often talks about the ugliness of others. Even behind him he often talked about his own friend.

The main thing is that I can’t explain Tin. Just look at yourself. You are indeed bitchy, just blurt out with me. But at least you have a sincere heart Tin.

Not a friend who from the outside is good but the inside is rotten. In making friends, I don’t need someone’s outside appearance Tin, “Rara explained to Tina.

Buku Harian Bahasa Inggris



The alarm sounded so loud that Joni’s sleep was interrupted. While he was still very sleepy and asleep. By still holding back extraordinary sleepiness, he opened his eyes.

“My God!” Joni was very shocked when he saw the clock showed 7 o’clock in the morning. He immediately rushed to take a shower and tidied himself then immediately went to the office.

When he arrived at the office, it turned out that the meeting was late because the hours were indeed moved to adjust the schedule of the boss who would go out of town.

“Excuse me, Sir. Can I enter? “Joni asked the boss who was holding the meeting.

“Yes, please sit Jon. But sorry for today Hamid will replace your project. “

“But why sir? I’m just late here for a while “

“It’s not a late or a long time problem. We need very professional workers. I have been entrusting the project to you for a long time. However, in fact you cannot act consistently to handle the project.

Even though we are only late for a while, your friend has a very good idea for the project to run. So I’m sorry, it’s been very good you didn’t stop me from the team. “The boss explained very firmly.

Immediately, Joni paused with a very pale face. After the meeting was over, he went to his desk.

“What’s wrong with you today Jon? Not as usual, are you late? “Asked Merry, Joni’s office partner.

 “This is pure Mer’s fault. I stayed up late last night watching the ball late. To the extent that I forget important projects that should make me very profitable. “Explained Joni.

“Oh, so, Jon. So Jon starts now prioritizing your profession, not a hobby that takes precedence! “Connect Merry gave advice to Joni.

Cerpen Pendidikan Karakter Anak Bangsa


Ini ada cerpen untuk anda yakni tentang cerpen pendidikan karakter anak bangsa. Cerpen yang menginspirasi kita semua. Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


Yeni is a fishery graduate student who chooses to do entrepreneurship rather than working in an office. What is unique is that he sells his own products which are formulated based on research that has been done when on campus. He sells chili products mixed with seaweed at economical and healthy prices.

At first, he marketed the product only to his college friends to lecturers and also campus staff. However, the results of his research are the best research products in 2017. In addition to the fairly cheap price in line with the contents of student bags, the products he offers are also quite healthy.

 “Yen, what makes you prefer the world of entrepreneurship? In fact, you are a student with outstanding achievements. You can even easily enter the company without having to do a test. Moreover, your products are sold at very cheap prices. How can you benefit from it? “Asked one of his curious friends.

“Yes, if I want to, I can sell my sambal product at a rather expensive price. And of course it will still sell well. Especially for people who understand health. I also can work in a company that will give me a bigger salary.

But sorry, I went to college not to find a capital return from what I had spent on college. I am very happy if this work can be useful for others, both in terms of costs and to improve their health. “Yeni answered casually.

His friend spontaneously fell silent after hearing Yeni’s explanation.

Cerpen Motivasi Bahasa Inggris


Selain kita menyajikan artikel dengan isi cerpen yang berkualitas, admin juga ingin memotivasi anda sekalian supaya selalu semangat dalam segala hal dalam menjalani hidup ini.


Lazy to go to school

Sunday is a holiday and makes people very lazy to indulge in activities. There are people who choose to spend Sundays on vacation and there are also those who choose to stay at home just to unwind because of full week activities.

Likewise with Beni who chose to relax at home when Sunday arrived. To the extent that, after Sunday ended, he was still not ready to face school activities for which he was very boring.

“Ben, you don’t go to school? What time is it already? Later you will be late. “Said his mother

“Ma, Beni is still tired. Bolos a day or not, bro. After all there is no homework or ma test. So just relax. “

“Don’t be like that, kid. You school also pays. Demanding knowledge is not something you can underestimate. “

“Already mom, Beni is really sleepy. Sleep again. “

Seeing this, Ms. Beni became angry and dragged her child to a place. Apparently, his mother invited him to an orphanage filled with children with different backgrounds.

“Son, look at them. They don’t have parents who can finance them. In fact, they also want to go to school and have complete parents like you. “Clearly his mother advised his child through the windshield.


Then his mother also invited Beni to see children who were busking on the road. “See also the child. He who should be a school must beg to make money. For food, he is difficult. Even though you have prepared your meal and have a good life, “explained his mother again.

After that Beni felt aware of his mistakes and finally he wanted to be invited to go to school even though it was a little late. His mother drove him to school. On the way, he also saw school children walking with limp legs. He also said to himself,

“How lucky I am. Still have perfect physique but instead are lazy to go to school. While only physically disabled children are still enthusiastic. “

Cerpen Singkat Islami Bahasa Inggris


Alms primacy

“Ma’am, sorry, this is the only thing you can give to Mother. Because your merchandise only sells a little. “While giving money to his wife for household needs.

“Yes sir it’s okay. The important thing is that you have tried and fortune has been arranged by God. “

The next day, the husband works by bringing his merchandise to the market. But suddenly in the middle of the trip he met an old grandmother who was confused looking for a way.

“What’s wrong, Grandma?” Asked Mr. Jokosembari approaching the old grandmother.

“Son, can you ask for money? I want to go home but don’t have money. “Grandma asked Pak Joko.

“My money is also tight, Grandma. Merchandise doesn’t sell well from yesterday. In fact, eating for families is often lacking. Bro, bro. The cleric said that he could launch rizki. Just Bismillah. “He muttered to himself.

“Good grandma. This is the money to take the bus to grandma’s destination. Let me take the grandmother to the terminal. “He said while delivering the grandmother to the terminal.

“Thank you very much, kid. Hopefully your fortune will run smoothly. “

“Amen. Thank you Grandma. “

“After taking the grandmother, Mr. Joko went back to the market to peddle his merchandise. Arriving at the market, suddenly someone bought Mr. Joko’s merchandise until it ran out.

“Alhamdulillah. A servant’s fortune isn’t where. “Alms can really launch rizki,” said Pak Joko.

Cerpen Cinta Bahasa Inggris


Cerpen cinta mengandung banyak kata-kata baper yang membuat anda senyum-senyum sendiri. Apalagi ini menggunakan bahasa Inggris jadi tambah keren, ashiaaaaaaap!


Jutek guy

“Mir, there was a son of a good oil boss asking for you,” Ella said to Mira with a little flirtatious. Mira just kept quiet while reading the script from the next week she was about to bring.

“What are friends? Looks like you are so upset. “

“Read this one poem. Do you understand the meaning? “While offering a song script that happens to be taken from poetry.

“This work is good. The jutek child who is very quiet turns out you are still thinking about it too? “Mira nodded.

Without being able to say, love is still love.

Your beautiful irism makes this heart always amazed.

The heart can indeed break all the logic in the mind.

You are like a light in darkness.

Gives its own color to this gray soul.

Give breath to the fencing hallway.

Make sure that love really exists.

Because without anything, birds can fly too freely.

Live free, happily you have and I will send you away.

“I am very sure that this is a message from Bagas that was intended for me. And he must have felt what I felt. But why isn’t he talking at all. “

“I don’t know, I’m also confused why this friend can love a man like that.”

“He is unique and different. And it even drives me crazy with his very sharp eyes. “

“Yes, but where is there something called gray love? One of you must speak and start first. “

Days change day. Weeks change week. Mira was no longer strong enough to hold back her feelings for Bagas. Finally he met Bagas and talked about my heart in the park close to the campus.


“What’s wrong, Mira?” Asked Bagas.

“I want to say something to you.”

“Sorry Mir, today I have a test. Just tomorrow. “

“I love you.” Mira shouted.

Hearing that, Bagas just stopped his steps for a while. And then walking left Mira alone. Mira could only cry because she felt her love was unrequited and what she had said was futile.

The next day, Mira’s father and mother asked her to go home.

“Son, there was a man who tried to propose to you. He is a good child and from his words it seems that he is very serious, “said his father.

Mira suddenly was not excited to hear his father’s words.

“Forgive Mira father. But I don’t want to get married yet. Mira wants to rest first in the room. “Mira answered while leaving the family room.

“It’s called Bagas.” Her mother replied.

Hearing that, Mira’s eyes lit up and she returned cheerful.

“Is it really mom?”

“Yes, true.”

Cerpen Singkat Lucu


Sugar Scrub

One afternoon, Keke was talking to Rosa. The two of them were very fun.

“Ros, in your opinion, what kind of Dion do you like with this type of girl?”

“What the heck … I know the criteria are not really fancy. He likes girls who are there and are natural. “

“So he doesn’t like girls who use bells?” Asked Keke curious.

“Yes, it might be like that.”

“Then, what can make my lips red without lipstick?”

“Try using a sugar scrub every night you want to sleep. Naturally, your lips will turn red. “

“Oh, yes?”

“I will try it tonight so I can get love from Prince”.

“One more week on campus happens to be a festival. Try to use the scrub every night! “Rosa said.

“Oh, that’s right. I must be able to perform optimally in front of Prince. “

A few days have passed. At day H, Keke appeared as Rosa said. Seeing Keke, Rosa was finally shocked.

“Why do you have lips? Why is it so red? How many kg of sugar have you used? Is that sensual or not? “Asked Rosa Wonder.

“You know, it’s because of bites from ants every night. Until my lips become as red and sensitive as this. It’s really a sacrifice right. “Keke replied.

“Oh my God.”

Alhamdulillah dah selesai, kalo anda pengen lebih koment aja, mungkin bisa tak tambahi apa gitu?! Oke?! Selamat belajar! Enjoyyyyyyyyy!

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