√▷ 555+ Kata Bijak, Cinta, Motivasi, Lucu, Keren Bahasa Inggris(Lengkap)

Biasanya setiap orang akan semangat apabila setelah dikasih semangat dengan kata bijak ataupun caption keren entah pakai bahasa manapun termasuk bahasa Inggris.

Meskipun kita sering menggunakan dengan bahasa Indonesia. Kata bijaknya dibuat bahasa Inggris sambil menambah kosa kata, dan grammar.

Admin ga hanya membagikan artikel bahasa Inggris tentang cerpen saja, namun ada juga cerpen menarikkata-kata romantismotivasimutiara sahabatbijak, dan contoh surat menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

Kata bijak ini akan membuat anda yang lagi galau atau kacau pikirannya sebab masalah terus menghadang akan menjadi tenang hati dan pikirannya. Berikut kami bagikan untuk anda. Selamat membaca! Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Caption Keren Bahasa Inggris



“It’s a waste of time to regret the past, get regrets about what you won’t be able to do in the future.”

“In order for your future to be better, try to start from now.”

“The future is not the main goal, but rather an improvement through actions that are truly real.”

“Never try to improve what makes you regret in the past to be repeated again, do not face back so that your life is not broken.”

“In this world, so that you can feel good, then accept that not every condition is good.”

“A woman’s cry is an expression that she is too tired of all.”

“It is not necessary to be afraid of falling in love, because someday you will meet someone who really can make your life more colorful than before.”

“In life, the most important thing is not love, but love God Almighty.”

“Forgetting will be a very difficult thing because we actually never learned to forget.”

“When you meet someone who is able to remove your sadness and tears, then keep on staying with him.”

“Injured does not have to be solely because of love, sometimes releasing what is being held for so long is the best choice.”

“Whatever happens in this life, everything is a process of learning and maturation that God teaches humans.”

“Don’t ever waste other people who are doing well in your life then make you regret later on.”

“When you are feeling in a very big despair, remember God who has thousands of beautiful plans in the future.”

“Maybe you are not always the right person, because mistakes are quite natural.”

“A very difficult thing is when you put your feelings on someone but you don’t know how to keep feeling in your heart.”


“Never get bored to keep someone happy, even if you have to decide to leave their lives.”

“Be forgiving, which is to forgive yourself and give great forgiveness to others.”

“A person’s heart is known when he is able to easily forgive anyone who hurts him.”

“God always promises to his people the best thing, but the best cannot be taken easily.”

“When you dream, you should never be afraid to dream as high as possible, because when God wants you to dream as high as possible, it means that He wills that you can make it happen.”

“Continue to believe and work hard.”

“Maybe you never forget the creator, but you know he never forgets to always pay attention to you.”

“Don’t love someone just because of their strengths, love their shortcomings. Because it is inherited you will know the true meaning of perfection. “

“Maybe forgiving without forgetting is not easy, but you should try to forgive if you want to keep going.”

  “Do not see the masalalu with a view that is better than what it should be, because it will make you feel that the future that happened is a bad experience.”

“When many problems come to you, don’t ask to be quickly eliminated. But ask to be more mature. “

“Never pretend, because a form of lie will definitely be revealed as time goes by.”

“There will be someone who might hate you, but a friend will still accompany you.”


Mungkin kata-katanya cukup singkat namun ketahuilah itu dapat masuk ke hati, maka resapi dan hayati saat anda membaca artikel ini, oke! Enjoyyyyyy!

“Because repeating a prayer – a prayer in one third of the night, is like the stroke of a bicycle which is certain and will arrive”

“Do not make hatred and revenge cover our hearts, because all of them will surely get their own reward”

“Not because fortune is received a little, but because his heart is less spacious”

“Less clever may be improved, but honesty will never be easy to cultivate”

“When you are poor and possessed of assets, never stop learning and study because someday he will become your treasure”

“Never be arrogant because he is arrogance like foolishness”

“Beginning to be a good person, is to do good”

“The most important thing is our attitude, not the response from others”

“When the man doesn’t have anything in his life, that’s where the loyalty of women is being tested”

“Stay away from people who think a lot negative because from there a problem will arise from a solution that exists”

“Sufficient feeling arises when the heart begins to feel roomy to accept the least”

“By working hard you will defeat talented people”

“Sincerity will never be said when he gives then – as if he never gave anything”

Kata Mutiara Bahasa Inggris



“A smile that often arises does not mean a smile that is a sign of happiness, but a form of gratitude for the grace of God”

“Be like a vast ocean, because he never even pollutes it”

“Often we underestimate small things, even though that’s where a big one was born”

“What you know, and you do, you will not fail”

“A small step is a long way to start”

“Work on one field so you will be a great person who works”

“These hopes and desires should be in line, well in line with how much effort he makes in realizing them”

“Your friends are a picture of your future.”

“How far a person travels, he will meet as far as he does”

“A champion will surely believe in himself, even though no one wants to believe it anymore”

“Fear must be dwarfed, because fear is the big enemy of dreams that will be realized”

“The hard work of the parents because they want their children to be personal is not only ordinary but extraordinary”

“People who get lost are people who keep following the flow of crowd”

“When other people around you say that you have changed, you just start to stop not doing things like they usually want you to do.”


“When you still have a lot of problems, it means that God is a sign of love because God believes that you can deal with them. Don’t waste that trust. “

“In order for success steps to be 10 times faster, you need to have the courage to make decisions.”

“The reality of your life is a picture of your mind and soul.”

“Success will be very far away, if you often do things that are in vain.”

“The best decision is to be guided by life experiences. And life experiences come from decisions that have been wrong “

“A chance will come when you can take opportunities and opportunities with careful preparation”

“Never look at someone just because of their appearance, because sincerity is not on their face.”

“Don’t forget when you have friends when they are difficult, actually that’s where your loyalty is tested.”

“When you feel very hurt by the attitude of others, then pray to God so that you do not do what he did.”

“Time is precious, don’t ever waste it.”

“At that time it was like a sword that if used properly would take you to luck and vice versa if you neglected to kill you.”

Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris Singkat



“Continue to be optimistic and think positively in your life.”

“Consider what you will say, not until what you say can endanger you.”

“When there is a desire that appears to start something that has been targeted, then a courage must appear to solve it.”

“As hard as anything faced, never be fragile.”

“No matter how many problems you experience, don’t let other people make you feel inappropriate to get it.”

“Sometimes we need to stay away, so someone appreciates how valuable that closeness is.”

“Sometimes the decision to quit is not an option to give up, but it’s only time we realize that there are things that really can’t be continued.”

No matter how bad the past happens, it is what makes you more heba like today. “

“Keep asking God, under any circumstances.”

“Alone is a wound, but being together without any attention is far tormenting.”

“Do justice to yourself, forgive yourself before forgiving others.”


“Be proud when you are able to be brave to be yourself and be able to stand on his own feet.”

“Don’t delay to try quickly for the sake of the beauty of your future.”

“Improving morals with real actions is a goal in the future.”

When you want to make your parents happy, then make them proud of you. “

“Don’t expect to return to the past, preferably the past to make it a lesson to be better in the future.”

“It is not said to be a great partner who is unable to be loyal to his partner.”

“Don’t say the word surrender if you still want your life to continue.”

“Waiting and waiting is different, but there’s nothing fun.”

“You need spaciousness so that you feel that you are in a good condition.”

“Smile because, you won’t know there are many people who feel happy when they see you smile.”

“Woman, when she is crying means that she is unable to withstand any turmoil that exists.”

“It’s not an easy thing to let go or maintain what was originally good suddenly changed drastically to very bad.”

“When you fall down and have no more wealth, that’s the right time to find your true friend.”

“You have to know how it feels to love, so that you appreciate when in love.”

“When there are many disappointments that come to you, remember that after a storm a rainbow will emerge.”


“Essential love, timeless love only to Him.”

“We start school in elementary school there will never be a lesson to forget, which is why we will not easily forget the bad memories in our lives.”

“Learn to be grateful for what you are receiving and you have now.”

“Never waste someone who is willing to wipe your tears when someone else makes you disappointed.

“Sometimes there is something that really shouldn’t be maintained because love doesn’t always have to have.”

“The process of maturing in this life is through the tests that occur in your life.”

“It’s quite silent, when speech no longer has meaning.”

“Don’t despair, God is always loyal with His servants.”

“Wrong is natural, but you don’t have to be wrong all the time.”

“Behind the failure to reach dreams there must be a beautiful plan that God made for your future.”

“Pick up happiness so you don’t sadden yourself.”

Kata Bijak Bahasa Inggris


“Instill in your mind and soul that you are strong and you are great to be able to pass everything.”

“Make the people closest to you always feel happy, even if you have to make a move for him.”

“Keep trying to find what has been your question so far.”

A strong person is one who is able to forgive himself and others. “

“The spaciousness of a heart is depicted when he is able to accept gracefully the reality of life that exists.”

“Try to find out what you will do and how to make it happen.”

“The best is not always the most beautiful, because the best is the most appropriate.”

“When there is nothing you can be grateful for today, then be grateful for the breath you can still exhale. “

“There is one Essence that will never forget us, the Almighty.”

“If you seek perfection, you will never find it forever.”

“Never stop and get worse, because that’s where your destruction begins. “

“The problem is that there is learning from God to educate you to be better.”

“Even though lies are covered as much as anything, they will be exposed too.”

Kata Islam Bahasa Inggris



“You actually have never been in the world alone, there is always a God who accompanies you”

“Sometimes God may be disappointed for you, but believe He only wants you to hope only to Him”

“Don’t be sad, because God’s promise is certain”

“When you are sad about the past, worried about the future, do not worry that there is still a God who will bring happiness to you”

“When you lose someone who is very important in this world, be assured that God will replace his departure with a better one”

“As good – good place of hope is only to Allah Azza wajalla”

“Allah has never betrayed His servants, even though it is as small as Zarrah seeds”

“Never stop doing good, because merit will continue to flow throughout your life”

“Never stop wishing to God”

“God always gives the best to all His servants”


“God will replace every middle wound you feel with happiness that has never been described”

“When you are determined to be a better person, God will bring good people in your life to accompany your steps.”

“Nothing is impossible as long as you have God”

“Allah will never decide to take something that is actually good for you, to be replaced with a more precise and better one.”

“Don’t despair, God is with us”

“God is close, even closer than anything you can see”

“Keep the heart to feel clean from worldly things”

“The way of life that God made is the best way of life from the drama scenario that has ever existed”

“The believers will feel calm when they remember Allah Almighty”

“Your mother is a human angel that God has sent to this earth”

“Ridho Allah is at the blessing of parents, especially the blessing of mothers”

“Cry in one third of your night, stir all the complaints of your days only to Him”

“Be careful with someone who is quiet, it could be when you hurt he just kept quiet. But in one third of the night he put yourself in front of God for everything you ever did to him “

“Do good to your neighbor, because it’s a sunnah”


“The house where it often reads the Koran, the house will glow”

“God is a good God, He who has brought me together with one of his veils, namely you”

“I love you, not only in the world, I love you to His surge”

“I am not someone who is perfect, but I will try to perfect all your shortcomings, and together – we will go to His heaven”

“I love you because of God and I will never want to be separated from you except God who separates us”

“Love is the most beautiful gift that God has given to His servants, and you are the most beautiful gift that God has given me”

“You are the answer to the prayers I prayed in one third of the night”

“I love you because of God, may you be the guide to His heaven”

“When you forget your God, how about me?”

“There is no need to feel confused about the things that are certain, rizki and soul mate will all get in the right time”


“Even though there are many people who are trying and their efforts are like what you do. If indeed it’s your destiny, then where will he never be? “

“Sustenance that Allah has ordained for you will arrive at you, that is God’s promise for sure”

“Don’t get worse when you feel difficult, because God includes ease after difficulties”

“Which kind of God will you deny?”

“Expand istigfar, perhaps the test of our lives because of the many sins we have committed”

Kata Cinta Bahasa Inggris Buat Pacar


“There are many reasons to make me go away from you, but there is one reason that keeps me beside me, I love you”

“Reflect on yourself, improve your studies, then true love will soon meet you”

“When I cry, don’t ask what I’m crying about, just hold me in your arms so that I can feel how much you love me”

“Love is a source of life that is able to bring flowers to life”

“Love is a fertilizer that can nourish all barren feelings in the heart”

“True love is like home, it will give a sense of comfort that can defeat other places.”

“True love will never die, even though my body has gone away”

“Love is like a flower, which always gives fragrance to its owner”

“The perfection of love will be obtained when someone finds half of his soul”

“Proof of true love is a holy bond, I propose to you and you accept me”

“Sit next to me, I’ll tell you everything except farewell”

“Hold my fingers tightly, step your feet with me, I will always accompany you”

“Wandering away my journey stops me from you, an end without a choice”

Kata Cinta Romantis Bahasa Inggris


“When you don’t intend to marry me, don’t ever give me hope”

“I can only enjoy your beauty from a distance, but can’t afford to have you”

“Even though now you are not mine anymore, but this feeling is still yours”

“The beauty began to disappear, since you decided to leave from me”

“When my memory hasn’t been able to forget you, since then my world is no longer colored”

“To be honest, I would prefer not to know you than to separate from you”

“If my presence is now only going to bring sorrow to you, then I wish you to be happy with your heart’s choice”

“I love you, but not with you”

Kata Cinta Bahasa Inggris


“There are too many dreams we knit, too long if we have to end here”

“Even though you are far from my sight, but my heart remains for you”

“Let the body be separated, not our love”

“Suppose you are here, it will definitely feel beautiful if you always lean on your back”

“This distance really hurts, so we know how much we feel”

“I really hate the time when our time must end and move apart by distance”

“Whatever our distance, I and you will remain close in prayer”

“Distance is not a problem because there is love that unites us”

“If I and you are destined together, even though as far as any distance is available we will still be together”

“Our distance is wide, but my love is wider than the distance that separates us”

“Distance is not a logical reason to get rid of what we have”

“Thank you at a distance, with us knowing what the pause means in every punctuation”

“The time will come for me and you to be on one roof without having to be separated by the distance that stretches”

“One hour feels one minute, for some reason when you’re with you, the time feels so fast”

Kata Romantis Bahasa Inggris

“Pure love is a gift without an expectation”

“A love will be more meaningful and feel so beautiful if based on love for Him”

“When looking at you, I want time to suddenly stop so that I can enjoy this beautiful work of God for a longer time”

“With you all my grief is gone, all my anxiety is gone, because you are the peace in my soul”

“I love you regardless of who you are, I love you because there is no reason to not love you”

“I love you without a reason. Because for me you are not a question that must be given a reason. But the answer to all the prayers I offer

“If you are the sun and I am the moon, then I want to always be in the twilight, that is when we start meeting and looking at each other”

“When life needs a reason, then my only reason to live until now is you”

“Happy is when you and I become one in the household ark, together towards His heaven”

“You are the only world angel that God sent to decorate my days”

“I am not looking for you, nor are you looking for me, but it is God who unites us”

“You, are the only greatest gift of God in my life”

“If love is a wound, then let me take medicine for all the pain you feel”

Kata Bijak Lucu Bahasa Inggris


“If your prayer has not been answered, then don’t despair. Remember, many of the world’s residents also pray like you. “

“Don’t like dating, because it’s forbidden by God. Because heartache doesn’t have a guarantee. “

“Don’t just look for the perfect partner, but look for him who can improve your genes.”

“There is no one who escaped being wrong, but nothing is impossible for someone to change.”

“Don’t ever stop to step foot, especially when you pass the middle tomb of Malem.”

“Don’t just look for the perfect person, look for those who have homes, cars, money and luxury apartments.”

“There are three things that are most hated by people other than empty brains and nonsense, which is an empty wallet.

“Money is not a source of happiness. But there’s no money like the world isn’t in your hands. “

“When you get into trouble, look at it from all aspects that are not visible. But if it’s not visible, you can turn on the lights. “

“The best friend is that he landed his hand on your finger to make you aware.”

“Once there was a time when we were strong people, but there was also a time for us to be strong people.”

“You might not be able to lie to your heart, but you can still lie to your girlfriend.”

Kata Lucu Keren Bahasa Inggris


“All enemies can be conquered in the name of love, if you come up against a sword then you can come to ask to bring a rose.”

“When your dreams don’t get real quickly, maybe your sleep is not good enough.”

“The best friend is the one who always accompanies, when I sea, you coral, when I flower, you beetle, when I tarzan, you monyert it.”

“Now the era of smart phones is sophisticated, can know where the former existence is. But unfortunately as sophisticated as possible – the sophistication of a smart phone won’t be able to erase memories of the past with the former.

“If a failure is interpreted as delayed success. Then lies are a delayed honesty. “

“Money is the best friend, so many friends come to you.”

“Sometimes when we choose the good it turns out it’s the worst result. Then try a different thing which is choosing the worst to have the best. “

“If the problems that occur can make someone more mature, then you should be troubled to appear mature.”

“Don’t underestimate armpit hair. Even though his life is always confined, he can still grow and survive. “

“He said that the future depends on the dreams they have, so hurry to go to sleep to make a dream.”

“Respect other people near you, but when the price is too expensive then bargain a little so it won’t be expensive.”

“Why is patience heavy? Because the gift of patience is not just a pretty plate, but heaven Allah Azza Wajalla. “

Kata Motivasi Belajar Bahasa Inggris


“Everything will feel very, very impossible if it’s never been tried.”

“The more you know, the more thirst for knowledge you will be.”

“Science is the best provision for the future.”

“Success is not achieved just by lazing around.”

“Don’t wait for success if you do extraordinary things.”

“A good thing will come to anyone who doesn’t want to wait.”

“Try to progress not to be perfect.”

“The more diligently working, the more fortune that quickly approaches.”

“Success is a collection of failure after failure.”

“Don’t expect to get easy, pray that you will be more qualified than before.”

“There is no need to regret what is done, regret when there is an opportunity and you cannot use it.”

“There are people who want to get what they are trying to do with people who don’t want to do wrong.”

“Deferring work is the same as adding tasks.”

“The secret to success is daring to start.”

Start even if it’s the smallest thing

“An expert was a person who tried it out.”

Kata Motivasi Bahasa Inggris


“Greatness is not obtained from shortcuts.”

“Run yourself, because no one is able to give influence to yourself except yourself.”

“Many people dream, but not many try to make it happen.”

“The reward for hard work is success.”

“Hard work won’t feel tiring if you have the results.”

“If something is important to you, then you will always find a way out and if it doesn’t mean much to you, then you will find many reasons.”

“Don’t say that you only have a little time, in fact everyone’s time is 24 hours, it’s just that they sleep a little.”

“The challenges in your life will make your life feel more attractive and colorful.”

“There are two rules in life, never to decide to stop or give up and keep on the track.”

“Someone succeeded because he had experienced many failures before.”

“Don’t stop when you go through a storm, then run to the safest place.”

“Failure is the best way to rip someone who wants to be successful.”

“Actually when you fall, you don’t really fall when you decide to get up again.”

“The presence of a stone might make your steps difficult, but you know that with the stone you can jump even higher.”

“The pain that once existed in the soul is the fruit of maturation in the future.”

“With a difficult process someone will become more valuable.”

Kata Motivasi Sukses Bahasa Inggris


“Success is gained through a long process.”

“Success is a failure that ends beautifully.”

“Don’t let other people talk about you about things you don’t do.”

“Be a good example, for example being a good leader.”

“When someone talks about you behind you, that’s the sign that you are in front of them.”

“The higher the tree, the faster it hits.”

“A person’s quality is determined by his own people.”

“The key to success depends on your daily activity schedule.”

“Make your dreams come true, don’t be afraid to fail, because if you fail, it means you better try to do it than not at all.”

“That goal is the basis of a very important life.”

“Success comes when preparation and opportunities can be used properly.”

Kata Motivasi Kece Bahasa Inggris


“When responding to something, always use your heart.”

“A lot of people see with ordinary views, but great people look at everything very extraordinary.”

“Great people always ask the origin of something that happens, different from lazy people.”

“When you want to get a brilliant achievement, then study diligently and thoroughly.”

“Never doubt yourself, you can and will certainly be able to.”

“If there is one thing that can bring you down, it is yourself.”

“If you want to get a lot of knowledge, explore science by reading.”

“Reading will make the world in your hands.”

“Make a mature strategy so that it doesn’t always repeat past failures.”

Kata Motivasi Keren Bahasa Inggris


“Sometimes the thing you dream of fails, there is an advantage that you can’t see right away.”

“Learning, learning and learning keep learning until the end of your life.”

“Keep reading until you finally understand how vast the world is.”

Aik It’s best – good friends when lonely are together with books. “

“Books are a window to the whole world.”

“Don’t be lazy to read books, or you will be very far behind.”

“If you don’t like writing, then you will disappear from civilization.”

“Keep moving forward, because there are many people waiting for you to share your knowledge with you.”

“Later, be the one who always practices your knowledge.”

“As good as possible, the knowledge obtained is the knowledge that has been practiced to others.”

“Don’t stop reading until you finally understand world history.”

“History is important, and to know history, read it.”

“Spend at least one hour a day for you to gain knowledge by reading books.”

“People who are lazy to read will be science miser.”

“Science is not obtained instantly, but through a very, very long process.”

“Be a knowledgeable person so your life will be lucky.”

“Luck and success are almost identical things.”

“That success can be revealed when you have made your parents smile proudly of you.”

“Books are windows of science.”

“Useful knowledge will definitely help many people.”

“Be a successful and dignified person.”

“Never feel satisfied about studying.”

Kata Bijak Motivasi Bahasa Inggris


“Success is a sense of adequacy.”

“Being able to benefit many people is real success.”

“Don’t ever be in a fallen position for too long, get up quickly and make a new strategy.”

“Success is not just a will but a desire and hope.”

“Don’t get discouraged when you fail, because that’s where your steps go to success.”

“Demand knowledge without limits.”

“Keep reading until your mouth and eyes can’t be moved anymore.”

“Don’t fall easily because of other people’s talk.”

“Make ridicule as a real encouragement to progress.”

“Prove that you can and you are capable.”

“Continue to run endlessly in pursuit of eternal science.”

“Never regret your decision to continue learning throughout your life.”

“If you are preoccupied with your knowledge, you are among the lucky ones.”

“Success is when a lot of experience and knowledge that you have achieved.”

“Instill in your mind to stay alive whatever happens.”

“Be great by not dropping others.”

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